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Spookiest Halloween Plumbing Disasters

This Halloween, save the scares for the costumes and movies. Don’t let your plumbing be the thing that keeps you up at night. Below are three of the spookiest plumbing disasters we’ve seen in the Martinsville and Mooresville areas over the years.

Plumbing disasters can be frightening if you don’t understand the root cause. We’ve put together a simple guide of some of the most common Halloween plumbing disasters to be mindful of this season.

Don’t Put Pumpkins Down Your Garbage Disposal

Now that it’s pumpkin-carving season, your kitchen drains should be very afraid. Every year homeowners will dispose of their pumpkin guts and seeds down the kitchen sink. Even with a garbage disposal, pumpkin rinds and seeds notoriously get stuck in your drains and can cause a partial or even full clog. Avoid a Halloween plumbing disaster by disposing of all pumpkin material in the trash or compost instead of down the garbage disposal.

It’s Time to Take Care of Water Hammer

Those phantom sounds in the middle of the night aren’t ghosts…but they should be taken seriously. Thumping and rattling pipes usually indicate an issue with your home’s water lines. Shifting pipes are due to a hydraulic shock effect known as a “water hammer.” Water hammer occurs when the direction of the home’s water demand abruptly changes. It could also be a sign that the water pressure is too high.

Pay Close Attention to What Goes Down the Toilet

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, be mindful not to let young children play in and around the bathrooms. Children like to flush small toys and other items down the toilet. This can lead to a serious clog inside the home’s plumbing system and can ultimately cost you a lot of money.


Whether it’s pumpkin guts stuck in your kitchen drain or hard water hammering, we’ve got you covered. Our licensed technicians are specifically trained to clear kitchen drain clogs and diagnose other spooky plumbing issues. To contact your Martinsville plumbing company today, dial 765-349-0900 or complete the form below and we’ll be happy to contact you. Happy Halloween!


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