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Scariest Plumbing Stories from Around the World

Halloween is the time of year when we talk about things that scare us. Things like ghosts or clowns or even zombies come to mind for some, but for the team at Hudson Plumbing in Martinsville, Indiana, we’re talking about the scariest plumbing stories from around the world. Below you’ll find 4 of the most horrifying plumbing scares ever told. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media channels!

Creatures Lurking Behind Your Toilet

We’ve seen firsthand the lengths to which insects and other creatures will go to hide from homeowners. We’ve seen cockroaches scurry throughout the bathroom when we pull a toilet. We’ve discovered spider eggs between the wall and the toilet itself. It’s not uncommon for cockroaches and spiders to gather in dark, damp places–especially in older homes.

Alligators in the Sewer System

Everyone’s heard the conspiracy theory about alligators being in American sewer systems. The theory is that once upon a time multiple pet alligators were purchased as a holiday gift, only to be flushed down the toilet as they started to grow and become more aggressive. Apparently some of the alligators survived the trip down the drains and continued to thrive and repopulate in the sewer system. To this day, the only verified reporting of an alligator in the sewer system was in New York city in 1935.

The Phantom Stink that Won’t Go Away

Have you ever heard the story of the Great Stink? The year is 1858. The city of London has a serious problem with its sewer system. Sewage from London’s 3-million residents is being dumped straight into the river Thames. This river of sewage contributed to the spread of cholera, an often fatal bacterial disease. It’s because of the Great Stink of 1858 that we have the modern and efficient city sewer systems we have today.

It’s Raining Snakes

On an otherwise normal day in the great state of Arizona, a couple plumbers were called out to check on a rudimentary water leak coming through the ceiling. After cutting into the drywall and exposing the leaking pipe, more than 20 snakes fell through the cut and out onto the floor where they began to slither throughout the house. Thankfully nothing like this has ever happened to a Hudson Plumbing technician [knock on wood], but we’re always willing to go the distance for our customers.


While most of these stories are all in good fun, it’s true that your home’s plumbing system can experience very real issues. If you have an emergency water leak in your ceiling, or your drains are completely backing up causing sewage to overflow, call or text Hudson’s emergency line IMMEDIATELY for same-day service at 765-769-2066.


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