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Water Heater Services in Martinsville and Bedford, Indiana

Since we use hot water for so many tasks on a daily basis, from taking a shower to washing our laundry, it is essential to have a superior water heater system. Whether you have just moved into a new house or are adding an extension, we can install a great heater that supplies you with access to this critical necessity. Because your water heaters perform so much labor, it is no wonder that sometimes these hardworking appliances begin to malfunction. If you are in need of any repairs or maintenance to keep your heater as good as new, our team at Hudson Plumbing can provide these services as well. Dedicated Water Heater Installations If you are getting a water heater installed in your home, you will want a powerful model that allows you and your family to access hot water any time you like. The trouble is that there are so many great manufacturers offering countless products that it may be challenging to determine which option is best for your situation.

The good news is that you do not have to worry about being alone in making this decision. Our dedicated technicians are ready to support you in selecting a model that precisely fits the unique needs of your entire household. We can advise on the appropriate size to accommodate your usual usage, as well as offer examples of affordable brands that would fit well in your budget. When you have finally found the perfect water heater system, we will provide a superior installation so you can get started on enjoying your access to hot water immediately.

If you need to schedule camera inspection services in Martinsville, Bedford, or a nearby area, call Hudson Plumbing at (765)-349-0900. For our Bedford location please call (812) 747-0900

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We are pleased to be able to provide Morgan County and the surrounding area with prompt same-day service.

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Whether it’s your water heater leaking or it’s a faucet repair, we are committed to delivering courteous and clean solutions.

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Our experienced technicians have been serving Martinsville, Bedford, Mooresville & Bloomington residents since 1992.

Water Heater Repairs You Can Rely On

Whether your heater has suffered a bit of wear and tear and is slow to start heating your water, or the accumulated use over many years has led a part to break down completely, it is important to get in touch with our technicians right away. The sooner we take a look at it, the easier it is to get a rapid and simple solution. Allowing your heater to limp along will only make the situation worse and could lead to more costly replacements.

Contact our team right away if you notice one of the following warning signs that your water heater is experiencing issues:

The pressure valve is leaking – This means your tank will build up too much pressure inside.

There is a smell of rotten eggs – This means that your gas line might be leaking, which can cause a dangerous explosion.

You can hear popping sounds – If there is sediment growing beneath your tank and air gets trapped, it must be drained before the pressure builds.

There is brown or rusted water – Any tint of brown or red in your water is a sign that hazardous sediment or rust is leaking into the tank.

The Importance of Professional Maintenance Remember that in order to keep your water heater functioning at its prime, you will need reliable maintenance performed on a regular basis. Our professionals at Hudson Plumbing offer comprehensive care to extend the lifespan of your heater for many years to come.