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Garbage Disposal Services in Martinsville and Bedford, Indiana

Garbage disposals are a top seller in modern kitchens. Homebuyers looking for their dream kitchen would never think to buy a home without one. Contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals don’t chop food into small pieces. They grind food into pieces small enough to be mixed with water and transformed into a slurry that’s safe for your pipes. One of the most common problems homeowners can face with their garbage disposal is clogs. Clogged or jammed disposals can quickly become a messy and frustrating problem. Next to clogs and jams, disposal damage is another common issue. Eating utensils, larger bones, or non-food items can damage a garbage disposal and burn out the motor. Some foods and food byproducts, like grease and fat, can wreak havoc on the components of your garbage disposal.

If you need to schedule camera inspection services in Martinsville or a nearby area, call Hudson Plumbing at 765-349-0900. For our Bedford location please call (812) 747-0900

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Tips to Prevent Garbage Disposal Damage

The best thing you can do for your garbage disposal is to prevent it from needing repair. Here are a few tips to prevent your garbage disposal from becoming damaged. As discussed earlier, there are several ways your disposal can be damaged.

Here are the best ways to avoid them: Never allow food into your dishwasher because the plumbing for your disposal and dishwasher are connected. If the dishwasher clogs and pushes food into your disposal, it can harm its components. Hot water is the enemy of your disposal. Use cold water to help the motor stay cool. Doing this will extend the life of your system.

Certain foods can make your disposal work too hard. These foods are usually too hard to grind, like uncooked rice, dried beans, or bones. Keep these items out of your disposal because they will damage the unit.

If your system starts running slowly, don’t solve the problem with caustic chemical solutions to break up the garbage or eliminate odors coming from your disposal. If the smell is lingering, try a holistic cleaning solution. If the problem persists, contact our garbage disposal experts.

Common Garbage Disposal Repairs If you notice any of these signs of garbage disposal issues, contact the expert plumbers at Hudson Plumbing can repair your system or install a new unit.

Clogs: When nothing goes down the drain, you may have a clog in the line. Leaks: When your garbage disposal has leaks, it’s usually caused by worn seals. Jams: Usually happens when hard items are

Humming: A dull humming sound is typically caused by a burned-out motor. Don’t worry! A broken garbage disposal doesn’t have to turn into a destructive kitchen nightmare! At Hudson Plumbing, we can quickly return your kitchen to working order. Our licensed, trained, and insured plumbers are available to repair your kitchen and restore your garbage disposal to regular operation.

Call Hudson Plumbing for Convenient Garbage Disposal Service! At Hudson Plumbing, we offer customers in Martinsville, Bedford, and surrounding areas safe and reliable plumbing solutions. Contact our garbage disposal service team to request a free estimate, and we should be able to see you the same day you call!

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