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Plumbing Laws Protect You

“Learn how plumbing laws protect you with Trust Your Plumber’s guide. Contact us for fast and reliable plumbing services today.”

Indiana has some of the strictest plumbing laws in the country. These laws protect the customer and ultimately help ensure your home’s water and sewer systems are serviced by quality, professional plumbers. Continue reading to learn more about how Indiana plumbing laws protect you! (If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency and need help now, contact Hudson Plumbing immediately for same-day service by phone or text at 765-349-0900.)

Always Hire a Licensed Plumber

The Indiana Plumbing Commission mandates that all working plumbers carry a journeyman’s license from an accredited trades school. Whereas licensed plumbers have committed themselves to becoming masters of the craft and the plumbing law, many unlicensed practicing plumbers have never attended any official plumbing classes or training. Unlicensed plumbers may also cut necessary corners in order to charge cheap prices.

The Different Types of Plumbing Licenses

There are two types of plumbing licenses in Indiana. Prior to graduating from a 4-year plumbing school, you must carry an apprenticeship license and actively be acquiring a mandatory amount of weekly on-the-job-training hours. To become a plumbing apprentice you must also be at least 17-years-old. The second type of plumbing license in Indiana is a journeyman plumber license. This status indicates that you’ve graduated from an accredited plumbing school and that you’ve successfully passed the state licensing exam.

How to Obtain a Plumbing License

Those 17-years or older wanting to get into the plumbing industry must register in an accredited 4-year plumbing school and work under the direct supervision of a journeyman plumber. You must also have at least a high school diploma or GED. While attending school as an apprentice for 4-years, you are required to complete a minimum of 6,400 hours of on-the-job training. Only after completing a 4-year program can you register for the state licensing exam where you will be rewarded the status of journeyman plumber once passed.

Common Plumbing Code Violations

There are a few things you can look out for when working with an untrained or unlicensed plumber; the most common plumbing code violation that’ll get noticed by many building inspectors is the use of illegal or improper material. The second most common code violation is the improper installation of bathroom or kitchen sink traps, such as an s-trap configuration. Lastly, we tend to see a lot of improper drain sizes being used against Indiana plumbing code.

We’re In the Business of Earning Your Trust for Life!

When you’re shopping around for a trusted plumber, be sure you choose a company that’s licensed, insured, and in some cases, even bonded to perform the work required. Our team at Hudson Plumbing makes up a blend of pre-apprentices, plumbing apprentices, and journeyman plumbers. We also conduct daily training so our team is well-equipped to take care of you the right way every time. “Trust your plumber!” Click here to schedule a same-day plumbing appointment anywhere in Morgan County.


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