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Woodford Hose Bibb

When it comes to hose bibb replacements in Martinsville, Indiana, we recommend the Woodford Anti-Siphon plumbing product. Woodford has been a trusted vendor in our business for years. Continue reading below to learn more about anti-siphon technology, why hose bibbs freeze in the winter and the average cost of hose bibb replacements and repairs.

What is an Anti-Siphon Hose Bibb?

A Woodford anti-siphon hose bibb is used to prevent the siphoning of outside water from contaminating your home’s drinkable water. The Woodford anti-siphon valve is a fantastic safety mechanism we recommend for all homes. If you have questions about anti-siphon technology, give us a call today at 765-349-0900 for a consultation and pricing.

Why Do Hose Bibbs Freeze in the Winter?

As the colder winter months approach us here in Martinsville, Indiana, you might be wondering about plumbing preventative maintenance. One area where you can prevent a plumbing mishap is by disconnecting your hose from your hose bibb as temperatures drop. Some hose bibb models allow water to sit in the faucet which can cause freezing, and as the water expands, this can cause the components to burst and leak.

What are the Benefits of Woodford Hose Bibbs?

We like the Woodford hose bibb for a few different reasons:

  • Many Woodford models are built with freeze preventive valves
  • Anti-siphon technology ensures safe and clean drinking water
  • Full-circle operating threads enable our technicians to install quickly and efficiently
  • Hose bibb replacement parts are readily available
  • Woodford manufactures its products here in the USA

What is the Cost of a Hose Bibb Replacement?

Hose bibb installation in Martinsville, Indiana and the surrounding area ranges from $200 and $500 in cost. There are a number of factors that go into pricing a hose bibb replacement, such as crawlspace accessibility, the siding of the home, proximity to existing water lines and more. Installation of a new hose bibb can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour, or more if it’s a brand new installation.


At Hudson, we recommend your hose bibb system be inspected by a licensed plumber annually to prevent prolonged leaks and potential ruptures. Give us a call before the temperatures drop to freezing by dialing 765-349-0900. Trust your plumber!