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Who Do You Call for a Leaking Hose Bibb?

Summer is right around the corner! This means it’s time to start your gardening and landscaping routine. Many homeowners this time of year are turning on their hose bibbs for the first time since winter. You might find that your hose bibb is leaking, which means it should be repaired or replaced to prevent water damage. Continue reading below to find out when it’s time to call a licensed plumber to fix your hose bibb.

Hudson Plumbing is your Martinsville, Indiana expert plumbers. Our company is specially trained, licensed, and insured to resolve your leaky hose bibb issues same day. “Trust your plumber!”

Should You Fix or Repair Your Leaky Hose Bibb?

Ultimately the option to repair or replace your leaky hose bibb is up to you. However, a licensed plumber will be able to give a professional recommendation on site. Often what needs to be done is to replace the packing nut, main washer, or even the spigot head. Sometimes a repair simply isn’t fiscally responsible and it’s better to replace the entire hose bibb. At Hudson Plumbing, we use a flat-rate pricing model and can give you the replacement cost upfront before any work is done.

How Can You Fix a Leaking Hose Bibb?

The first step to replace a leaking hose bibb is to shut off the water supply. If a shut-off has already been installed to the hose bibb, this can be accomplished without turning off the main water supply to the property. The next step is to remove the handle with a screwdriver. After that, the packing nut should be removed. Once the packing nut is removed you’ll be able to remove the entire valve stem and washer. From here you can replace and reassemble the faucet. For any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers, dial765-349-0900.

What Are the Risks of Not Fixing a Leaky Hose Bibb?

Waiting too long to address a leaky hose bibb can have detrimental results. Leaks can lead to expensive drywall damage in finished basements, high water bills, and even ground expansion under the foundation of your home.

When Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

You should call a professional plumber any time you’re not comfortable making a plumbing repair. Our Martinsville plumbers are licensed and insured to provide you with speedy hose bibb repair and installation. Don’t let your lawn and garden go dry this summer. Contact us today by dialing765-349-0900.


Keep your yard and garden-fresh this summer with the help of a brand new frost-free hose bibb replacement. Contact Morgan County’s most trusted plumbing company for immediate repair or replacement service. “Trust your plumber!”


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