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Thanksgiving Plumbing Clog?

The day after Thanksgiving is Hudson Plumbing’s busiest day. Once the festivities are over, all the food has been eaten and family and friends have gone home, you could be looking at a major plumbing issue. These could take the form of main drain clogs, sink clogs, or a garbage disposal clog. Unless you follow these simple Thanksgiving plumbing dos and don’ts.

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for a plumbing company.

Don’t Pour Cooking Oil Down the Drain

Cooking is amped to the max during Thanksgiving, which means you might be more tempted than ever to overload your kitchen sink drains. Don’t fall into the temptation! Turkey grease and other oils can seriously slow or even clog your drains. The best way to dispose of cooking oils is to pour it into a safe container and allow it to solidify. Once the oil has firmed up, scoop it into the trash for disposal.

Don’t Abuse Your Garbage Disposal

You and/or your guests might be tempted to scrape food into the garbage disposal. Don’t do it! The garbage disposal is intended for small pieces of food ONLY. The general rule of thumb is to avoid dumping anything that can potentially lock the impellers like stringy or fibrous foods. Garbage disposal clogs can be tricky and time-consuming to unclog, so it’s best to get ahead of the game before it becomes a plumbing problem.

Do Schedule a Main Drain Cleaning in Advance

If you’re not sure of the condition of your drains going into the holidays, maybe it’s time to schedule a routine camera inspection and cleaning. We recommend homeowners clean their main drain annually to prevent the buildup of clogs and excessive root intrusion. These things tend to accelerate during the fall months due to holiday gatherings and an uptick in water usage.

Do Cut Down on Shower Time

Another concern during Thanksgiving is hot water demand. This holiday season might look different for a lot of us due to COVID-19 shutdowns, but it’s always a good idea to conserve water when you can. When more people than normal are in the home, we advise waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes between showers. This will allow the water heater time to generate more hot water. It will also provide enough time to allow the sewer pipes to filter out hair and other debris.


Don’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving to make sure your home’s plumbing is up for the challenge. We’re scheduling main drain cleanings right now. Be sure to get ahead of the rush by calling (765) 349-0900. Our emergency plumbing service will be available throughout the week of Thanksgiving.