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Get Up to Speed on Sewage Ejector Pumps

Recently we talked at length about the best sump pump maintenance tips. This week we’d like to talk about the benefits of another system that often gets confused with sump pumps: sewage ejector pumps. At Hudson, we carry the Zoeller sewage ejector pump because it’s easy to install and maintain. Continue reading to discover all the benefits of having a sewage ejector pump installed in your house.

Hudson Plumbing installs the Zoeller line of sewage ejector pumps. (Photo courtesy of

What is a sewage ejector pump?

Whereas the primary function of a sump pump is to pump excess water away from the house to prevent damages, a sewage ejector system pumps sewage particles from a sump pit typically found in a basement or crawlspace to a septic tank or city utility sewage system. Sewage pits are covered with lids and vent pipes to prevent fumes from escaping into your home.

Why do I need a sewage ejector pump?

A sewage ejector pump (also called a grinder pump) can save you a lot of messy problems in the long term. While a sewage pump isn’t necessary in every home, residences with bathrooms that reside below grade or are situated below the sewage line entrance will likely require a sewage ejector pump.  This’ll prevent solid wastes from clogging the sewer lines. It’ll keep burst pipes from flooding the basement. It’ll also prevent sewage water from accumulating in sinks.

Understanding Flow Rates

It’s important to understand the relationship between flow rates and your home’s sewage ejector pump. The flow rate will also determine the size needed for the pit. The pump flow rate settings need to be higher than the maximum expected flow rate going into the pit. Consult with a licensed plumber near you to determine your specific grinder pump needs.

How to Choose a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Before hiring a plumber, make sure you call around for pricing, availability and to ensure you get a good sense of their customer service priorities. We recommend spending 5 minutes reading the company’s website before making a final decision. If the website doesn’t list the company’s plumbing contractor license, make sure you ask them to verify over the phone. Another good rule of thumb is to read their reviews on Google, Facebook and/or Yelp. That’ll give you a good indication of where the company stands on overall customer satisfaction.


In closing, for a successful and professional sewage ejector pump installation, you’ll want to find a moderately-priced licensed and insured plumber. For questions regarding your sewage pump needs, our friendly staff can be reached by phone at 765-349-0900.


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