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Best Types of Water Softener Salt

Water softeners are responsible for filtering out the impurities in your water supply. They’re also designed to prevent calcium carbonate from accumulating and destroying your home’s appliances. Investing in a modern water softener is a wise decision and can save you thousands of dollars in needless repairs down the road. But what’s also important is the type of water softener salt you’re using to keep your water clean. There are countless brands and types on the market, but not all of them are necessarily the right fit.

When it comes to choosing the right salt for your water softener, there are a million and one options. We’ve compiled a list of our recommended choices that will keep your water clean without breaking the bank.


Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Softener Salt – 50 Lb Bag

Our number one water softener salt pick goes to Diamond Crystal’s Solar Naturals line of salt. We chose this product because it’s inexpensive and works very well with homes that draw on city water. The Solar Naturals salt comes in crystal form, which is smaller than traditional pellets.


These crystals are made with 99.6% evaporated sodium chloride which means they have a higher solubility. A high solubility mixed with the crystal formation equates to minimum buildup.


This specific salt is not designed to prevent rust from developing. However, that is less of a concern for homes drawing water from the city, as most city water is flushed through a treatment process prior to being supplied to the community.


Morton Salt 50 Lb. Systemsaver Pellet

Coming in 2nd place is Morton Salt’s Systemsaver Pellet. This product is a patented formula, which means it’s truly one-of-a-kind. It’s an evaporated salt, so it goes through a complex solar processing method before it’s ready for consumer use.


These pellets are Morton’s bread-and-butter. It’s designed to eliminate as much buildup as possible, including iron and rust. It’s also phosphate-free.


The Systemsaver Pellet can be quite expensive compared to the Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Softener Salt. As of this publication, the product is currently going for just under $30 a bag on Amazon. Check with your local plumber before purchasing on your own!


Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

Much like the above option, this product from Morton is top-notch. Its patented formula is designed to significantly extend the life of your home’s appliances, including the water heater. It also comes standard with a limited warranty under the Good Housekeeping seal.


Quality salt will prevent the likelihood of the need for water softener repairs in the home. The 1501 Clean Protect System salt is top-of-the-line.


Again, it’s pricey when compared with some of the other options. It just comes down to how much you’re willing to pay to effectively purify your home’s water.


Nature’s Own Potassium Chloride Crystal Cubes

This type of water softener salt isn’t sodium-based at all. Instead, it uses potassium chloride to purify water. Some have even argued that potassium salts are a healthy alternative to salt-based products.


Potassium chloride salts remove water hardness just as well as its competitors. It’s also an environmentally friendly alternative because potassium is naturally healthier on plants than salt-based products.


Processing potassium chloride salt isn’t as economical as sodium-based salt, which means you’re going to pay extra per bag.


At the end of the day, the choice of which water softener salt to use is entirely yours. Each option on this list is a great choice. So long as your salt is NSF certified, meaning the product complies with safety, quality, and sustainability expectations, you really can’t go wrong. Ask your local plumber about water softener salt delivery options to ensure you’re fully stocked at all times!