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Vendor Study: Sioux Chief

There’s an argument to be made that a plumbing company is only as good as its quality of craftsmanship, and that means investing in the plumbing industry’s best plumbing supplies as well. But there’s another reason we trust the Sioux Chief line of ice maker boxes, hammer arresters, floor drains, and more. Sioux Chief shares our customer-focused, family-oriented values.

Mission Statement:

“Sioux Chief’s primary purpose is to provide better value to our customer by offering innovative products of quality and superior customer service to the professional plumbing and mechanical contractor through qualified distributors.”

Date Founded:


Main Office:

Kansas City, MO

Current CEO:

Joe Ismert

We want to share with you some of the reasons we’ve put our reputation behind the Sioux Chief brand. Watch the video below to see why Sioux Chief has chosen to serve with a purpose. For starters, Sioux Chief products are American-made. And they’re designed to be cost-effective, which in turn, enables Hudson Plumbing to be a cost-effective provider for you.

Click here to download the latest Sioux Chief catalog.


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