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The Weather Outside is Frightful (For Your Plumbing)

From the team at Hudson Plumbing, we want to wish you happy holidays! We’d also like to offer a few home plumbing tips to keep you comfortable as the temperatures outside drop below freezing. Continue reading below to learn more about winter plumbing maintenance.

Turn Off Hose Bibs to Prevent Frozen Pipes

The most common winter plumbing mishap is frozen outside valves. Ruptured valves can cause significant property damage including flooding. We recommend turning off all outside water valves, such as hose bibs, before freezing temperatures approach. It’s also suggested homeowners spend time investigating where any un-insulated pipes might be plumbed along the home’s outer walls, as these pipes are most likely to freeze, and creating an added layer of insulation and/or heat to get you through the extreme cold.

Keep a Dripping Faucet

One way to prevent exterior walls from freezing overnight is to ensure a slow drip is coming from a faucet. Doing this ensures water is flowing through the pipes, which significantly reduces the risk of freezing and bursting.

Install Heat Cable

Speaking of risky exterior pipes, one popular solution to prevent freezing during the winter months is to utilize heat cables. Modern heat cables use a thermostat to gauge the temperature of the pipes; when the temperature drops below a determined threshold, the heat cable will kick on and prevent the pipes from freezing.

Run Cold Water After Using the Garbage Disposal

When you use the garbage disposal this winter, run cold water down the drain for 15-30 seconds after use. This will prevent debris from accumulating in the main line and causing winter mayhem.

Let’s Get Your Home’s Plumbing Ready for Frigid Temperatures

Spend more time this holiday season enjoying time with your family and friends and less time worrying about your plumbing. Hudson provides whole-home plumbing inspections and winterization services to Martinsville and the surrounding area. Give us a call or text today at 765-769-2066 to schedule your appointment!

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