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Hydro Excavation in Martinsville and Bedford, IN

Many people today choose hydro excavation over traditional excavation services. Not only is this dirt-moving method safer and more accurate, but it also is not destructive. First inspired by gold mining two centuries ago, construction companies have adapted the services over the years to meet the needs of the construction industry. Today, this method uses vacuum trucks and sewer cleaners to produce the desired results. Trailer-mounted units handle the digging and continue to increase in sophistication to handle additional tasks. Hudson Plumbing understands any plumbing issue is an inconvenience to the property owner. We now offer hydro excavation to minimize the time needed to complete many plumbing repairs and replacement projects. During the 30-plus years we have served Martinsville residents, we have continued expanding our offerings to better meet your needs. Our hydro excavation services are only one of several investments we have made to help achieve this goal.

Our team is available to provide advanced plumbing solutions. Contact us online or call 765-349-0900 to schedule an appointment today. For our Bedford location please call 812-747-0900

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What Is Hydro Excavation?

The first question most people ask is, “What is hydro excavation?” This process involves the use of pressurized water to remove soil. The water creates a dirt slurry, which our plumbers remove using a vacuum truck or sewer cleaner. Removing the slurry exposes the layers below. Our hydro excavation company uses this method to uncover utility lines and pipe systems, as doing so reduces the risk of damage to the utility lines and pipes.

We move the slurry to an enclosed debris tank mounted on a truck. The truck takes it to a designated disposal site, or the slurry can be returned to the ground once work on the pipe system or lines is complete.

Call Hudson Plumbing today to learn more about these services and when we may use hydro excavation to handle a plumbing repair or replacement project. We happily answer questions and address concerns, as we want you to be happy with our work. You feel confident having us take on a job when you know why we recommend a particular method or technique.

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation services are efficient and accurate. The use of these services allows companies to save time and money. Our hydro excavation professionals can maneuver around tight corners while barely disrupting the environment. This process is helpful when our team must work around streetlights, signs, and existing utility systems. The small and flexible wands make it easy to work in tight conditions.

Our clients find that their projects take less time when we use this method. We eliminate the risk of tearing through utilities and pipes. The speed and convenience of this excavation method are appreciated by all who benefit from it.

Using this excavation method significantly reduces the risk of injury or damage. The pressurized water cuts through tough grass and soil effortlessly to reduce the risk to anyone passing by. We uncover wires and pipes as we soften and remove the soil. No backhoes or sharp tools are used to remove this dirt.

We remove less material from the site. As a result, we spend less time on the project. This means that you save money, and there is less disruption to the surrounding area.

When winter arrives, many plumbing projects must be put on hold due to frozen soil. However, by using a hot water hydro vac system, we can heat and soften frozen soil. Doing so allows us to complete construction and repair projects even when it is frigid outside.

Projects That Benefit From This Excavation Method

Call a hydro excavation contractor like Hudson Plumbing when you need to remove debris or local underground utilities. We handle daylighting projects, sign and pole installation, and potholing. Our team tackles line installation, sewer repairs, and slot trenching. Let us know what you need, and we will be there.

Why Choose Hudson Plumbing for Your Hydro Excavation Project?

Call Hudson Plumbing when you need a hydro excavation company. We handle your plumbing project promptly and efficiently. Clients love our trustworthy, family-focused services and enjoy working with our hydro excavation contractors. They know we will care for their homes while keeping loved ones comfortable. We do the job right every time.

Our advanced services are what you need to resolve your plumbing issue in a timely manner. We were named a NextDoor Neighborhood Favorite in 2022 and remain an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we come highly recommended by locals on Alignable.

Don’t put off resolving the plumbing issue any longer, as we are here to make it right with our convenient and affordable solutions. Contact Hudson Plumbing by calling 765-349-0900 or reaching out online to schedule hydro excavation or other plumbing services in Martinsville. For our Bedford location please call 812-747-0900 .