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How to Avoid a Toilet Clog

There are several reasons a toilet might get clogged, and our guess is you’ve probably dealt with a number of those reasons yourself. Whether it’s a toy or a piece of jewelry that’s been flushed down the drain, an accumulation of toilet paper or hygiene products or something else entirely, Hudson wants to inform you about a few different ways homeowners can avoid or get ahead of a toilet clog.


Are you using too much toilet paper?

The most common reason your toilet might be clogged is an accumulation of toilet paper. Using too much toilet paper has the potential to overwhelm your drain system and create a partial clog or even a complete drain backup. While toilet paper is designed to break down in water it still takes time to do so. Most of the time toilet paper doesn’t begin to dissolve fully until it hits the main sewer system. Educate everyone in the home about the importance of using toilet paper conservatively to avoid troublesome clogs.

Is your toilet too old?

Do you know when your home’s toilets were installed? Today’s toilets are designed with efficiency in mind; however, some older generation toilets can cause clogging issues due to their low-flush nature. Low-flush toilets have less power and lower water pressure than today’s standard toilets that have a greater focus on saving water consumption. The other issue with older toilets is mineral buildup in the p-trap that may be preventing everything from flushing easily.

When was the last time you cleaned your main drain system?

Sometimes a clogged toilet has less to do with the toilet itself and everything to do with the condition of your home’s main drain system. When a clog forms in the main drain, it’s often revealed inside the home in the form of backed up toilets, tubs and/or sinks. Main drain back ups can be the result of degraded pipe, root intrusion or simple organic material like food and hygiene products. We recommend contacting a local plumber once a year to have your drains scoped with a drain machine and drain camera.

Do you need to declutter around your toilet bowl?

We understand why homeowners opt to shelve items like pictures, knick-knacks and hygiene products on their toilet tanks, but this is a big no-no. Small items like these can get knocked over inadvertently and get flushed down the toilet drain. By keeping the tank area clear, you greatly reduce the chance of an unnecessary toilet clog.

Contact Your Local Plumber for All Your Martinsville Toilet Repair or Replacement Needs

Homeowners can avoid simple toilet clogs by being careful what goes down the drain, decluttering the space around the toilet and scheduling regular drain cleanings. Hudson Plumbing is available for same-day service if you feel you’re experiencing a main drain clog or are interested in a complete toilet replacement. Contact us today by phone or schedule service online and our friendly staff will call you right back.


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