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Hudson Spotlight: Matt Knight

Matt Knight is the Plumbing Field Supervisor for new construction projects in Martinsville, Bloomington & Mooresville, Indiana.

Employee Name: Matt Knight

Role at Company: New Construction Lead

Matt Knight is the Plumbing Field Supervisor for Hudson Plumbing’s commercial service and new construction projects. He brings years of industry experience in both the residential and union trades. Matt is currently leading a 51-unit apartment complex project in Bloomington, Indiana. He lives in Martinsville with his wife.

Where is your ‘happy place’?

Fishing at the lake

What drew you to Hudson Plumbing?

On our way to a fishing trip to Cataract, we drove by the new facility and saw they were hiring. I called the owner immediately.

What’s your secret talent?

Multi-tasking. I don’t get overwhelmed easily.

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What is something on your bucket list you haven’t had a chance to complete yet?

Catch a marlin.

Why did you choose a career in plumbing?

It chose me.

If you could be on a game show, which would it be?

I wouldn’t. I don’t like attention. I’m pretty low-key.

What has been your biggest challenge while working at Hudson Plumbing?

Toning it down.

How do you prefer to start your day?

With coffee and playing with my dogs.

What is your leadership style?

Instill confidence, delegate, be cognizant of others’ talents.

What does your job entail?

Keep everybody productive, quality control, ensure the project meets deadlines, make the inspector happy.