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Hudson Spotlight: Andrew Willison

Employee Name: Andrew Willison

Role at your company: Apprentice Plumber

Andrew joined the team at the beginning of 2022. He has 7 years of experience in the residential and commercial sprinkler systems industry. Andrew also brings with him a great deal of leadership experience having run his own business.

What do you love most about the plumbing industry?

Solving problems and helping people

How do you define success?

Having the ability to reach your goals

What is your favorite thing about working at Hudson Plumbing?

Having the opportunity to work on different types of projects each day

What is your favorite hobby?

Enjoying the outdoors

Are you currently binge-watching any shows?

The Last Kingdom on Netflix

How do you balance your career at Hudson with family life?

Work is what I do when I am not spending time with my family

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Wild Ride

What drew you to Hudson when you initially started?

A local business that serves our community

Do you have a favorite or inspirational quote to share?

“Every day you learn something new.” – Dennis Brown

What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

I enjoy working on my son’s car with him

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